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residence permit for foreigners and other legal services for foreigners , a range of legal services for foreigners and citizens who have arrived from abroad to Ukraine to study, get married, do business, do citizenship Of Ukraine and feel comfortable in the European State - Ukraine

Migration lawyers in Ukraine

- this is with us, in our company, if you need advice - immigration lawyer Kiev and the whole Ukraine on migration issues waiting for you to resolve your issues

Migration Lawyer Kiev

and the whole Ukraine - will provide legal assistance and support for a comfortable stay in Ukraine

Consultation of a migration lawyer in Kiev

on the following topics and questions, by no means a complete list, all individually:

Termination of citizenship of Ukraine

how to quickly "make legs" from Ukraine is a question for the lawyer, so that everything would be "OK". Here an individual approach and solution is necessary, it is better "face to face", and it happens that "ears have walls", but I’m silent about the phone. Come and decide how to terminate the citizenship of Ukraine without undesirable further consequences both in Ukraine and in another country of residence

Other legal services to foreign citizens are also possible even before they arrive in Ukraine on the basis of powers of attorney. The power of attorney for a foreign citizen with the right legal support Truly does miracles from a distance, according to it you can:

And all other things can be done, of course, legal and legal in Ukraine, the list is not exhaustive, therefore everything is individual.
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